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Sustainable Packaging

Everyone–from consumers to retailers to manufacturers–is looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint. Flexible packaging is a fantastic option that provides eco-friendly benefits throughout the entire value chain.

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What Makes Flexible Packaging Superior?

Production Efficiency

Flexible packaging provides superior production efficiency over alternatives such as glass and aluminum. Each unit produced requires significantly less water and energy, lowering its environmental impact. At TopPop, our facilities are 100% solar powered, ensuring the energy used to create your products are from renewable sources.

sustainable production
sustainable transportation

Storage & Transportation Benefits

Flexible packaging is significantly lighter weight and can be stored with much greater space efficiency. That means more units loaded onto each truck, which lowers not just the total cost of logistics but also reduces the total carbon footprint of your product. 

Reduced Materials & Product-to-Package Ratio

Another advantage is product-to-packaging ratio. A major component of sustainability is reducing the amount of source material required per unit of product. With significantly less material required compared to rigid packaging, flexible packaging reduces the total waste throughout the entire product lifecycle.

sustainable material ratios
sustainable product protection

Superior Product Protection

Flexible packaging often includes added barriers to protect against the spoilage of your product, extending its shelf life, and reduces the total food waste generated by traditional packaging. The durability of flexible materials also reduces the risk of punctures or damage to the package seal.

Packaging for a Sustainable Future

Beverages are a difficult product to package. Liquids are heavy and the materials that contain them must be tough enough to resist tears, punctures, and leaks. Glass is a great material for achieving these goals and there is a reason that glass containers have become ubiquitous with certain beverages. The same can be said for aluminum cans.

However, the extra weight and inefficiencies inherent to the production process of glass and aluminum packaging ensure that a reliance on these legacy materials won’t play a large role in a sustainable future.

Toppop is committed to bringing sustainable solutions to the packaging industry. Flexible packaging provides the eco-friendly advantages that are now demanded by everyone from consumers to investors.

Solar Powered Facilities

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in New Jersey are powered by 100% solar energy. When you choose TopPop as your co-packager, you can rest assured knowing your product was produced with 100% renewable energy!

Experienced Sustainable Packager

The experts at TopPop have worked in the industry for decades. We’ve seen the industry grow and evolve alongside us and we know the secrets to ensure successful, eye-catching products. If you’re looking for a packaging partner, contact TopPop today!

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