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Flexible Packaging Services

TopPop Packaging is a premier contract manufacturing and packaging company, specializing in single-use flexible beverage packaging.

If you’re looking for a contract packager to produce delicious blends, high-quality films, and high definition custom printed designs, request a quote on your project today.

Guaranteed to Stand Out On the Shelf

TopPop Packaging sets the industry standard for high-quality flexible packaging. As a full turnkey provider, we will collaborate with your team to formulate, blend, fill, pack out, and ship your finished product to retail. It’s really that simple!

Ready-to-Freeze Alcoholic Beverages

Although we’re experts in all areas of flexible packaging, ready-to-freeze alcoholic beverages are what we do best! We provide in-house mixing of malts, wines, and spirits into delicious, shelf-stable blends. 

Our fast, cost-effective filling and packaging solutions ensure quick turnaround times and minimal expenses. Whether you need packaging for pre-made blends or you’d like to take advantage of our full-service product mixing, manufacturing, and pack out, TopPop is your turnkey provider of flexible packaging services.

State-of-the-Art Packaging Facilities

Based in New Jersey, our state-of-the-art facilities contain high-speed pouch equipment, blending & batching capabilities, semi-automatic pack out and full product testing capabilities in a 62,000 square foot facility.

Why Choose Flexible Packaging?

So, why use flexible packaging over traditional methods? That’s a no-brainer. Flexible packaging is the perfect solution to an emerging market that demands convenience and sustainability. Drink pouches are lightweight, easy-to-ship, and easy-to-store. Not to mention, the opportunities for promotion and branding are endless.

Whether it’s restaurants looking for new and innovative ways to provide cocktails-to-go, or retailers looking to appeal to younger audiences with shifting tastes, the market for flexible packaging is expanding and TopPop can provide you with the product and packaging guaranteed to set you apart from the rest.

TopPop Packaging

Your customers demand that your brand respect their health, their wallets, and the environment – and we’re here to help you do just that. TopPop Packaging is committed to providing health-conscious and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional mixing and packaging methods. Our formulations use healthy, natural ingredients to produce great-tasting low-calorie drinks. 

We’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of both our products and our process with our facilities soon to be 100% solar powered. At TopPop, we’re the United States’ leading providers of Cost-effective, Better-For-You, Better-For-Planet packaging.

Recent News

New Facilities!

Toppop has opened a new additional 64,000 sq. ft state-of-the -art manufacturing facility in Pennsauken NJ which has been up and running since January of 2022. We have also added an 82,000 sq. ft. facility for warehousing and future expansion

FDA Registered

TopPop Packaging is a FDA registered, SQF certified, TTB & NJABC permitted manufacturer providing sustainable packaging solutions. We are also Organic and Kosher certified

Liquid Packaging Services

Pouch products, Mixing and Blending of alcohol products, secondary pack out in cartons, Tubs/containers, stand up pouches and display cases

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